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A few of the strategic services I can help with

Go to Market (GTM)

Understand whether your product should focus on ENT or PLG and why. Each case is unique and sometimes the GTM can change depending on outside forces like investment, economic, and similar.

Founder Coaching

Have a coach who's been through the journey from launch to scale to failure before. Whether as a sounding board, mental health professional, or co-pilot to help your startup journey.


Grow your user base with tried & tested marketing and community engagement programs. Designed to deepen & develop brand loyalty and advocacy

Future of Work

In the future of work, your team will work anywhere and at any time. Few teams successfully pivoted to the future of work during and after the pandemic. Doing it right requires intentionality and experience doing it before


I help recruit top talent, foster world-class company culture, and provide leadership coaching that inspires and empowers your team to achieve greatness.

Strategic Roadmap

Define business goals, identify potential challenges, and create a strategic roadmap that guides your startup towards sustainable growth.

Interested in bringing on a strategic advisor?

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