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I help grow startups from 0-1. And then 2-10.

As a first-time founder, you're flying in the dark. Every decision you make from day one can make or break your startup. Having a co-pilot to guide the course can save you time, money, and frustration.




I'm Scott Markovits. The right hand of current and future unicorn leaders. I advise organizations on how to build, scale, and lead top-performing teams and products.

I partner with startup founders to create a blueprint to build and scale their products and companies. 

Implementing tried and tested operational and growth playbooks to get startups off the ground and heading toward the moon.


Experience is the best teacher. Getting it right the first time is maybe 50/50. Why founders need a co-pilot to help

I help startups with project and program execution. Ensuring projects are scoped properly and the right tools enabled to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement for greater success.

Some companies I've helped as a
Fractional COO
scott coo
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I work closely with the C-Suite to develop and implement strategic initiatives, ensuring alignment with the company's mission and objectives. Bringing the learnings of helping 1500+ founders to ensure the next decision, project, or pivot is made with clarity and confidence with any blindsides being mitigated.

As an early-stage first-time founder, every decision you make can make or break your company. 

Some companies I've helped as a
Fractional Chief of Staff

Founders think I'm the 💣. Here's what a few have to say

Dr David Greenberg
CEO - Neurobeats
Darja Gutnik
CEO - Bunch AI
Yisroel Yakovson
CEO -  Pivotate

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