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The Power of Good Advice

I help first-time founders make the right strategic decisions to build the foundations of their startups

90% of startups launched fail. The road to success or failure can be short or long. Marked with potential pitfalls around product-market fit, growth, sales, and more. As a first-time founder, you're flying in the dark. Every decision you make from day one can make or break your startup. Trust me, I've seen it. Having a co-pilot to guide the course can save you time, money, and frustration. I've mentored & consulted with 1100+ (and counting) early-stage startups and have spoken to even more first-time founders. Taking the lessons learned in helping build the foundations of a unicorn 🦄 & many other early-stage startups to your company.

Startup Management Services

A successful product starts with product market fit. MVP to V2 and beyond. Ensure you're building the right product and right features at the right time


Finding the right investment partner can be a match made in heaven. Researching and targeting the best fit investment partners, and sharing the perfect pitch deck


Today the UI & UX of your product is the difference in success & failure. With the limited cost & effort needed to launch a product today, if your UI/UX isn't perfect you've lost before you've even started. Ensure your product is pixel perfect with a seamless experience


Grow your user base with tried & tested marketing and community engagement programs. Designed to deepen & develop brand loyalty and advocacy


Freemium or paid? SaaS model or contracts. SMB & Enterprise pricing points. Your growth is directly linked to users finding value for the price paid. Ensure you're using the right pricing  model to power your growth. 


Your team is the most valuable asset you have. Most companies spend lots of time & money brining talent in the door, but little to keep them there. Build a comprehensive program to ensure every employee is engaged, motivated & rewarded to ensure they stay with you forever

Client Testimonials
Gottesman Headshot 2019.jpg
Josh Gottesman

I have had the pleasure of working with Scott for several years now through MassChallenge Israel. He has held workshops & served as an advisor & mentor for numerous companies in the accelerator. Whether the challenge is product-market-fit, UI/UX, fundraising, or team building, Scott has consistently proven to be hugely beneficial. His generosity, work ethic and commitment to relationships make him a valuable resource for any startup.

Sabela Garcia Cuesta

Having a mentor like Scott in the program is a great added value for the members at Labs in Hamburg.  All members he has been introduced to are extremely grateful for his advice and I am glad I have found for them an Israeli sparring partner to discuss all range of topics: from go-to-market strategies to reviewing fundraising pitch decks

Orri Avraham

We've been meeting with Scott regularly in recent months to discuss user acquisition strategy, digital marketing efforts & UI/UX. His deep understanding of our business led to a to a meaningful first meeting. It kicked off a hands-on mentorship process that has consistently oriented us in the right direction. Helping us focus our resources wisely & draw the right lessons from every iteration of our product. His wisdom is demonstrably founded on years of experience and his kindness is a rarity in today's landscape! Scott is a must-have consultant for any company.

Awesome Companies & Startup Programs I've Worked With 
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