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The world has changed the last couple of months due to Covid19 ☢️. Companies were forced to enter unchartered waters. Remote work has been a growing trend slowly making more of an impact. Yet many companies, including some of the biggest: Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Strip & Coinbase were sold on the future. Companies seeing the positive impact on both employees & business have decided to #stayremote.

A transition as big as moving an entire company to WFH normally isn't done overnight. Yet, companies were forced to do it. With an overnight change can come challenges, confusion, and potential frustration. It also wasn't designed with strategic long term vision. Especially when your team lacks experience WFH.

Teams hacked together best practices and procedures using tools like Zoom & Slack. It's helping them get through CoVid☢️, but isn't optimized for productivity, employee happiness, or business success.

As teams look to #stayremote they need to begin thinking about how they'll best collaborate, communicate, engage, and support employees at home. It's a whole new ball game. This means things like the best tools to use, how to battle against loneliness, and ensuring your team has a productive physical work environment.

So how can I help?

I've been working remotely for 8+ years. I helped build the foundations of one of the largest and most successful all remote companies. I've also mentored numerous remote startups and founders. I can help your team set up the foundations for a successful transition and support your team as you move forward


WFH Strategy

Work together with your team to map out the best plan to transition your team to WFH



Ensure your team has the proper tools enabled to best communicate and collaborate


WFH Best Practices

Ensure your team has the right trust, entitlement & flexibility to do their best work



Build programs to bring your team virtually closer together. Helping them feel engaged, enabled and connecting to their peers


Future Foundation

Ensure the future success of WFH once the pandemic is over. Including they're provided with the best working space to be productive

A few of the great remote companies I've mentored


I also help early-stage startups build the foundations of their companies, teams & products. If interested in learning more click here.

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