SaaS Onboarding Emails Mini MasterClass

SaaS Onboarding Emails Mini MasterClass


**This mini masterclass is not yet available.** 

It's crucial for the succes of your product to have new users provide honest feedback about the experience. The problem with Day 1, 3, 7, etc mails are they simply don't work.This course will help you increase engagement on your SaaS onboarding emails. How just a few tweaks to your mails will help you find troublespots with your onboarding, and gather more user feedback.


I've written 100s of SaaS onboarding emails for 10s of startups. This course takes the lessons learned and best practices to help you better engage your users, and receive the feedback needed to build a better product experience. 

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    The course download includes:

    1. Video webinar
    2. PDF of the slides used in the webinar
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